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FreeZone is special access to contents within europroNET’s network. FreeZone is free service for europroNET cable Internet clients, and access to services within FreeZone is not charged. Now you can enjoy with your friends and other europroNET clients in all possibilities offered by the cable Internet.

EPN FreeZone is in progress and many multimedia contents will be offered in the following period - news server, radio streaming, local instant messaging, mp3 and video download, etc. EuroproNET FreeZone offers free access to the following local services:

1. EPN GameArena (different game servers)
2. EPN FreeZone (FTP server for file exchange and download)
3. EPN FreeZoneIM (Instant Messaging)
4. EPN FreeZoneForum

How to access to the FreeZone?

You need to register as follows: in the field of cable connection add @local to your user name, and type the password you usually use to connect to the Internet.

When you access the FreeZone you will be able to use only services available on portal FreeZone (address, and you will not be able to access web pages out of the FreeZone.